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Watching ADDIE


  • A| Analysis
  • D| Design
  • D| Development
  • I| Implementation
  • E|Evaluation


Instructional Goals

Find out what the goals are from the client. For example: Make simple pepperoni Pizza, or every type of Pizza

Instructional Analysis

The curriculum designer defines all of the steps necessary to carry out the instructional goals. There are often much more steps than is first thought of. The result is a chart of all steps and in what order they can be carried out in.

Learner Analysis 

What do the learners already know? Do not spend time on things the students already know!

Not only the learners but their context needs to be addressed:  What equipment do they have?

Development of learning Objectives

These are things students should be able to do when the instruction is completed. Be specific and use strong verbs


Design Assessment

It is helpful to know how to test the learning outcomes before designing the learning material. Use the performance objectives to design good assessments. 

Assess in a context as close to the performance setting (the real world usage of the skill/knowledge). 
Write assessment clearly (correct punctuation and grammar). Avoid trying to trick learners by writing complicated or misleading questions.

Choose a Course Format

"The medium by which the course is presented to the learners"
Classroom setting, blended, over the internet etc...

Choose a course format that allows students to practice in a context close to that which they should be assessed in. 

Create an Instructional Strategy

  • Lectures
  • Readings
  • Discussions
  • Projects
  • Worksheets
  • Assessments
  • Activities
(Did watch the other videos too but without making any blog posts about it)

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