lördag 17 september 2016

I am an ONL 162'er (presentation)


"As a starting point you will reflect on and discuss your own digital presence and identity as well as your experiences, concerns and challenges. You will be encouraged to start creating your own online learning space for sharing of reflections on your learning." - ONL 162
To know someone, you need to know what roles they play or hope to play.
Here is a set of "I am a ..." that I hope defines me...

I'm passionate about computers, therefore I'm a programmer

Once I aspired to become a game programmer. And for a while I happily programmed computer games like Caribbean Pirate Quest and Hero with Spell of Play Studios. Unfortunately, writing games did not pay the bills... but fortunately there was a teaching opportunity at the University, first as a teaching assistant and later as a lecturer. I'm still passionate about programming and daily use the programming skills but not so many games lately...

I passionate about sharing my passion, therefore I am a teacher

I started teaching fifteen years ago and since then I have given a lot of different courses. Most of my teaching concerns programming with different flavors: web, games, database, operating systems, algorithms, artificial intelligence, and lately code quality and software testing. I have found that what drives me as a teacher is to inspire students to share, engage and learn.

I'm curious, therefore I am a researcher

A couple of years ago I got the opportunity to continue my studies. The subject of my research is to find what programming practices that are good for programming students, and I want to automatically identify students that needs help and also help them. In my research I use techniques from educational data mining, learning analytics, and statistics.

I have kids, therefore I'm a father

Finally I'm very lucky to be a father of four, from the eldest ten year old son to the youngest daughter of only a couple of weeks. Kids are naturally curious and generally awesome!  As a parent you need to keep on growing with your kids, therefore you are never done learning.

I want to continue to learn and teach, therefore I'm an ONL 162'er

I'm taking this course to get new experiences. I hope to find new tools, new skills, and new friends during the course. I hope to struggle, learn, share, and experience...with you.


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  1. Hello Daniel! Nice to read your presentation of yourself! I am looking forward meeting you in the ONL 162 forum. Sincerely Anna Bratt

  2. Hi Daniel. Welcome to the ONL162 course. I look forward to taking this learning journey with you - I think your expectations for the course are just perfect - enjoy :)

  3. Congrats on your new baby! Looking forward to working with you in PBL5. Here in Australia we are having a big push to begin teaching coding in school, and there are lots of classroom teachers panicking, thinking that they will need to become computer gurus. However I think the most important thing for young children is not learning particular programming languages, but understanding computational thinking - the underpinning skills. Will be interested to hear your thoughts. Cheers!