onsdag 28 september 2016

Taking the Introduction Webinar, notes


Starting the webinar at https://connect.sunet.se/onl/. We started the webinar with some soundchecks and questions to make sure people knew how to use the chat.

Nice to see so many participants.

Unfortunately I lost sound in the beginning of Lars talk and had to restart. I got back in time for the questions session... I hope they recorded properly...
 Quite good presence 41 participants + 7 presenters and seven hosts. There seem to be a lot others that also have sound issues. But with 80 participants that is only 50%!

We also wrote lists on what we expect to gain and what we thought was going to be the challenges we face. I wrote that I look forward to make new friends and that I look forward to gaining the student perspective, both things were mentioned by the hosts, nice!

Connect really is not a good platform anymore, its based on old technology and I have used it far too long.

Good things about Adobe Connect

  • Low latency on sound
  • Many can participate
  • Multiple chats
  • Polls
  • Divide participants into separate rooms
  • Nice to see webcams
  • It feels like a classroom!

Bad things about Adobe Connect

  • Sound needs to be setup for everyone
  • Does not work the same on all platform 
  • Lots of students drop out due to techical issues
  • Recordings are not in mp4
  • Generally very messy to setup sound

Its going to sound like I complain a lot on my blog but I try to capture the student perspective and see what problems there are that creates obstacles for the students.

Unfortunately the webinar did not give that much to me. It was mostly a QnA session I missed the presentation and I guess I have to watch the recording instead. I think the most giving was a cite from Lars:
"The course was the course" - Lars Uhlin

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